Children's Church
During our Sunday 8:30 & 11:30AM services, children in grades kindergarten through sixth grade participate in sanctuary worship, then gather with friends to enjoy Elevate; an interactive, media-driven curriculum. Elevate uses today's technology to tell the timeless message of God's Word.

For more information on Children's Church and Children's Church ministry opportunities, 
please contact Pastors Steve and Caren Petfield, Children's Pastors.

Sunday School
At 10:30AM on Sundays, we offer dynamic Bible classes to our elementary age children. The elementary classes are broken down into the following grades:
  • Fifth and Sixth Grade
  • Third and Fourth Grade
  • First and Second Grade
  • Kindergarten

In the summer months, Sunday School takes a sabbatical and Children's Church is offered during our 10:00AM service. For more information on Sunday School and Sunday School ministry opportunities, please contact Rosanna Sangermano, Sunday School Director.

Royal Rangers
Every Wednesday at 7:00PM, the mentoring program of Royal Rangers devotes its efforts to boys in kindergarten through 6th grade. Their mission is to REACH, TEACH & KEEP boys for Christ.

Using the incentives of outpost meetings and activities such as Pinewood Derbies, Rocket Launches, Regatta Races, Achievement Merits, skill-building activities and interactive games, our Discovery Rangers and Ranger Kids learn how to apply the Word of God to their lives and develop relationships with their commanders, other boys, and most importantly, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Royal Rangers’ Groups:
  • Discovery Rangers (3rd-6th grade boys)
  • Ranger Kids (K-2nd grade boys)

For more information on Royal Rangers and Royal Rangers ministry opportunities, 
please contact Pastor Steve Petfield, Children's Pastor and Senior Commander.

Meeting every Wednesday at 7:00PM, Missionettes is the "sister program" to Royal Rangers. Missionettes invests in elementary girls (kindergarten through 6th grade), as well as preschoolers in the Rainbows Club.  
Our Friends, Stars, Prims and Daisies enjoy the loving investment and mentorship of dynamic sponsors. 
Through the motivation of club meetings, badges and awards, activities, crafts and games, Jesus Christ is introduced and young lives are trained and encouraged to follow Him

Missionettes' Clubs:
  • Friends (5th-6th grade girls)
  • Stars (3rd-4th grade girls)
  • Prims (1st-2nd grade girls)
  • Daisies (Kindergarten girls)

For more information on Missionettes and Missionettes ministry opportunities, 
please contact Pastor Caren Petfield, Missionettes Coordinators.
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Generation "A" Children's Ministries